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Premset is a new concept, aiming to achieve the highest level of reliability, safety and advanced power management solutions for your MV (medium voltage) network. Premset is the only range of switchgear that combines advantages of AIS (Air Insulated Switch) with GIS (Gas Insulated Switch), offering insensitivity to harsh environments, compact size, modularity and reliability. The innovations provided by 2SIS strongly improve the safety and lifespan of switchgear and require minimal maintenance. 2SIS offers added value for the whole chain of users: panel builders, contractors, those who maintain equipment and those who manage energy. Premset is faster and easier to install than any other range of switchgear.



  1. New arrangement:
  • Upstream disconnecting CB or load-break switch
  • Downstream earthing switch on cable side
  1. Simplicity of operation and without pressurized gas
  • Intuitive operation and integrated safety interlock
  • Fully interlocked cable test device with front access
  1. Earthing switch lock-out function
  • Prevent the earthing switch to be closed on earth when cables are still alive
  • Positively blocked in case of auxiliary power loss
  • Override unlocking by key
  • Remote indication of locked position.
  1. 2SIS (Shielded Solid Insulation System)
  • Premset uses known and proven technologies to insulate / shield the entire system.
  1. The 2SIS concept combines three main advantages of AIS and GIS:
  • Equipment modularity
  • Compact size
  • Equipment insensitivity to harsh environments.

      These three advantages result in a long service life.



  1. Insensitivity to harsh environments

          Premset can withstand harsh environments characterised by fast tempertature variations, high humidity, dust                 and polluting gases.


  1. Safety and long life of equipment

          With 2SIS, Premset benefits from extremely low probability of internal arc.


  1. Security and reliability if equipmement
  • Very low maintenance
  • No more risks due to faulty maintenance


  1. Ease and quality of installation
  • Premset flat connectors are simple and high quality
  • No need for precise alignment of functional units


  1. Modularity and flexibility
  • Flexible cable entry arrangement
  • No specific tool required for installation
  • Fast, stress-free installation, upgrading and maintenance


  1. Easy identification
  2. “Integrated intelligence” on MV switchgear
  3. Control and monitoring as simple as Internet browsing
  4. Field of applications



Main Characteristics



short time withstand

25 kA x 3s, 21 kA x 3s, 20 kA x 4s

Rated busbar current

630 A, 1250 A (under development)

Rated BIL withstand voltage

95 / 110 kV

Rated PF withstand voltage

42 / 48 kV 1mn

Cable earthing switch

25 kA, MO, E2

Degree of protection

IP3X (indoor), IP54 (outdoor)

Dimensions w x h x d (mm)

375  1600 x 900 (indoor)


Four basic functional units

  • IO6 T

Network management

  • D01-02 N

Transformer protection

  • D06 N

Feeder protection

  • D06 H

Feeder protection



Flexible Metering Options

  1. Compact metering unit M06S
  • Shielded VTs accessible from the front
  • Compact: 375mm width
  • Harsh environment withstand
  1. Conventional; tarrif metering M06A
  • Air insulated (750mm wisth)
  • Traditional cast resin CTs and VTs
  • Easy to adapt to local requirements
  1. Wide choices of protection relay
  • VIP range: performance optimized for Premset
  • Sepam & MiCOM ranges: advanced protection

      Other protection relays can be adapted.



Five reasons to choose a smart 15Kv switchgear

  1. High reliability and long life expectancy in any environments using an innovative technology (Shielded Solid Insulation System with reduced risk of internal arcing).
  2. Bet in class safety and end-user friendly to operate. Implementing the breaking-disconnecting earthing functions in a single device, providing intuitive and fully interlocked operation ehile being one of the most compact.
  3. Fast delivery times and flexibility through the highly modular and flexible design that facilitates easy modification and improves cost savings.
  4. Easy to maintain: lowering the total cost of ownership and improving peace of mind.
  5. Smart-grid ready architecture with distributed intelligence that allows for easy integration, easy configuration and enhanced efficiency through advance monitoring and control.