Our Story | Steelcor Power



 Steelcor Power (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture between the employees of Steelcor Power who formed a Worker’s Trust (26%) and Steelcor (Pty) Ltd (74%).


The company believes that this avenue taken is one of very few genuine black empowerment undertakings.


Steelcor Power operates from its own premises with its own office block and factory.


The company is doing well and has amongst others Johannesburg City Power, Tshwane City Council, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan and Roshcon as its customers.


Steelcor Power’s shareholder’s agreement allows for the workers trust to increase their shareholding in the future.


Steelcor Power (Pty) Ltd manufacturers the following products:

  • Bulk Metering Cubicles
  • Consumer Ring Main Units
  • Switchboards
  • Metmod Metering Units
  • Premset Switchgear